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任明廷111 The most expensive model 新概念英语第一册lesson-Morns英语

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任明廷111 The most expensive model 新概念英语第一册lesson-Morns英语

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一、Text 课文
Mr Frith: I like this record-player very much. How much does it cost please?
Assistant: It’s the most expensive model in the shop. It costs sixty-four pounds.
Mrs Frith:That’s too expensive for us. We can’t afford all that money.
Assistant: This model’s less expensive than that one. It’s only twenty-eight pounds.
But, of course, it’s not as good as the expensive one.
Mr Frith: I don’t like this model.
The other model’s more expensive, but it’s worth the money.分期付款)
Assistant: Of course. You can pay a deposit(保证金) of ten pounds, and then one pound a week for sixty weeks.
Mr Frith: Do you like it, dear?
Mrs Frith:I certainly do, but I don’t like the price.
You always want the best, but we can’t afford it.
Sometimes you think you’re a millionaire!
Mr Frith: Millionaires don’t buy things on instalments !
Mr Frith: Can we buy it on instalments?
二、New Word and expressions 生词和短语
n. 型号
v. 付得起(钱)
n. 预付定金
n. 分期付款
n. 价格
n. 百万富翁
三、Exercises 练习题
1、black(对应词) 2、Let us(缩写形式)
3、weren’t(完整形式) 4、swim(ing形式)
5、thin(比较级) 6、good(最高级)
7、present(同义词) 8、where(同音词)
9、ride(过去式) 10、sheep(复数)
1、Did Sarah (go) to the park ?
2、What you (do)last night ? 新课 标 第 一网
3、I (take) pictures with my friend the day beforeyesterday .
4、We (have) a farewell party next Saturdayafternoon .
5、His feet are (small) than yours .
6、We (see)bears in the zoo last weekend .
7、He can (play) the piano .
8、How much (be) the apples ?
——15 yuan .
9、Tom will (go) to Turpan tomorrow .
10、My mum is (old) than me .